The Warpig has a setback stance, 7mm tapered profile, and rockered tip to provide top of the review class floatation. Hello and welcome to my Ride Warpig review. Either the SM 148 or the Md 151 would be good. The War Pig is a directional board with rocker underfoot and a flat zone in the middle. The Ride Warpig compromises turning and carving to have a wider appeal across the spectrum of riding styles. The WARPIG sees the entire mountain as an opportunity to thrash at full speed. Set Up:  Pretty close to centered on sidecut, 15 front -12 back approx 23″ wide. Also this board needs to go fast in order to have fun with it, at slow speeds this board aint fun at all, and unless you have a good carving technique this board won´t turn without sliding and washing. You dream it; the Warpig can do it. We felt we could make the tightest and most symmetrical turns on both our toes and heel with this model in all conditions. Apparently Ride boards are not the best in the edgehold category, but I found this one hold its edge just fine.Comparing the Warpig with the Rave (quite different categories of course) was actually interesting. Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews. Edge hold was superb, especially considering how small it is. In fact, I would compare the Warpig to a BMW M2: a small and yet brutal RWD drifter.Edge to edge it wasn’t the quickest, due to it’s width. If you're looking for a one-stop shop to provide optimal quality of experience in all forms of snowboarding, you've found it. Ride’s Warpig has just enough flex that you’ll be able to move freely, never feeling as if your board is working against you.This isn’t something often found in boards of its size. Ride 2020 Warpig Review. No obligation, but these links & ads support the site. SKU: RIDE025 $499.95) Price. This value compares to the buy one get one free deal at your favorite happy hour. To find your perfect... How to Choose a Snowboard - All-Mountain Advice. I opted for the 148 after being told the War pig rides powder like a board twice it's size, and although it was an easy and enjoyable ride in powder with nice float, I felt that I could have done with a slightly larger board. The WARPIG has won multiple snowboard tests for both all mountain and freestyle categories which is a rare feat in modern snowboarding. Everybody loves friendly competition. groomers it is just as ultimately playful as you can imagine. One shape that can do it all. Our testers found the nose to be a little soft in heavier snow. The phone function is encased by social media, navigation, and other apps that create a very multipurpose item, and the multi-functionally is in part why we place so much value on them. The Ride Warpig doesn’t compete there but it offers up more of a jack of all trades kind of ride from the park to the mountain. If so, the Warpig might be the solution. It floats on top of the deep stuff and carves with ease. The flat profile of the Warpig did lack some pop, so the Superpig came around added a whole lot of extra stiffness, with a regular camber profile. 2019 Ride Warpig Snowboard Review by Trevor . Versatility is the merit of this award, and the Warpig is one of the most versatile wider boards on the market. Hey guys and welcome to my review of the Ride Warpig.I’ve been riding this board for the last 3 months of the 2019 winter season here in Alpe d’Huez as well as using it over the summer up at the Glacier in 2Alpes.. The description of it is a strange one, it is described as a park, groomers and powder board, which is a unusual combination – but after riding it I can see that it is. You want to ride the Warpig slightly shorter than your regular board, and in doing so you’re able to dominate it more, throw it into spins easier, and get tighter turns. Ride Snowboards Warpig Review (2018-2019) Snowboard Tested and Rider Specs: Warpig Size: 151cm (26.5cm aproximate waist) Bindings: Union Ultra (medium) Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV size 9 Stance: 22.5″ Rider Height: 5’9″ Rider Weight: 180 … This warpig will allow you to lay down carves, jump and ride big mountain lines. If you can't buy through the links above, you can support the site with: © 2020 The Good Ride | Privacy Policy |, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6'3", 185, 11, L Union Force, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6, 165, 9.5, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 1.80m 80kg, Size 11, Riding Style: Freeride and All mountain / Freestyle •, Days You Ride A Year: About 6 weeks per seasson •, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 1.72 meters tall, 73 kilos, 9.5 US size boots. Ride Warpig 2018 Review. Conditions:   Really good Sierra groomers. Many short fatty’s like this are set back a lot further on board but it’s a lot more than you would think for a stance that’s centered on sidecut. The Ride Warpig doesn’t feel like its name. We generally prefer more grip from our side cut but many don’t. Jibbing: Didn’t jib with it but it seems like it’s going to be a lot stronger than you would think there. The small was a light dynamic short fatty that felt like it could do a lot more than just surf snow. Post navigation ← Previous Previous post: Spark R&D 2021 Product Preview. This board is more than capable whether playing in the park, plowing through powder or dodging trees. That combined with the rocker towards the tip/tail, the big ass nose, and tapered tail there should be a pretty good float. Ride 2020 Warpig Review. I think Jimbo and Zobel (our 11ish boot riders) would of loved the Large better. Read my review of the Ride Superpig. This board does it all in my opinion.It's really fun to ride, holds and edge and you can really let it rip down a groomer or through the chop. this board is the knees, for me at least. Given its waist width, our testers were found it had very efficient and easy edge to edge movement at all speeds. 2018 Ride Warpig Snowboard Review – Blackboard Experiment with Scotty James October 23, 2017 By Mark Clavin Social icon website Social icon rss Social icon twitter. I work the snowboard demos at squaw so i get out on alot of boards about 150 days a year. Sizing: I liked the Small a lot better the first time around and that was a great fit for my size 9’s. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. If you enjoy quick and energetic edging between boosting side hits or riding fresh powder in-between the trees, then this is the board for you. Its smaller tail profile keeps the board nimble in treed settings and helps provide additional flotation when compared to the more twin profiles. Even jibbing was enjoyable on this model; it could be pressed and never felt catchy. not great when doing tactical steep cliffs and chutes but it is very possible, just have better boards for that. It looks fat and sluggish, but once you start harassing it, it goes into beast mode.I would give it 9 out of 10. How can we improve GearLab? The Ride Warpig is sold in various sizes listed as XS, S, M, and L. We tested the M, which is a 151. Value 0.0. Comments Required. Rider: 6'1, ~200lb, Size 9.5US Ride Fuse.Semi-advanced freeride, intermediate freestyle. This board is made for the demanding rider that wants the aggressive thrash style of the WARPIG with camber and a little more stiffness. Considering the Warpig doesn’t have camber that’s quite an accomplishment. I felt confident on this board in a way that I hadn't felt in years.If you think you don't like snowboarding anymore then get yourself a warpig, the love will be rekindled and you'll be out there more than ever. It was not the best popping board in the review due to its rockered tip/tail and flat camber profile. I don’t usually test short/wide boards (just because I don’t have time to test boards in every category), but I was convinced by a Ride rep at a demo day to test the Warpig, so I thought I’d put up my thoughts here. This is fun but not the kind of board that sets you up from turn to turn. Coming from Ride’s pig family, the 2020 Warpig is an all terrain crusher that is sure to stoke out anybody who takes it for a rip. For this low price, you can have a board that does it all and is backed by a three-year warranty. This board does it all in my opinion.It's really fun to ride, holds and edg, About The Good Ride Snowboard Binding Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Boot Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Outerwear Reviews. Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo Floaty and never easy to ride. The Warpig follows suit. I might be surprised here but who’s to know for sure. Ride Superpig Ride Superpig 2020. Days: 5 Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. You can watch up and coming AMs like Brandon Davis riding it in the street or at X games and see it at your local hill ripping groomers or staying afloat in the deep. It provided a very fun and nimble edging style that is enhanced by a playful flex and stable platform brought by the waist width. "C2-banana rocker.. Warpig has a different shape to it than the Lumberjack. It performed well in every category and was a competitor to win a high-value award. SKU: (in Stock) Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Compare Wish List. Single-purpose items are starting to make their way out of many markets. In edge-able soft snow, this board provided an all-time experience. Powder:  There is a centered stance on side cut but there is a good set back on board. We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. It makes you do a lot more work and doesn’t really spring from edge to edge. The WARPIG sees the entire mountain as an opportunity to thrash at full speed. The Ride Warpig is such a surprise board, I didn’t have any expectations before riding it, but ended up very impressed with it. The model does have a hard time maintaining those longer high speed arcing turns due to the sidecut and rockered tip/tail profile. New. It's just more fun. I’ve been testing the 2019 Warpig size M, in Ischgl for the past two days. Let us know! Read my review of the Ride Warpig. That’s where a board like this surprises you as it doesn’t seem like it would be good for riding switch but I kept throwing it around the other way without even thinking about it. Are you tired of switching bindings between your board every day, depending on the conditions? For an all mountain ride do what would be your suggestion on small vs medium. great of bigger booters and higher speed rails but can still do the small tech rails well. Edge Hold: Some like a sidecut that has no real disruption and some prefer side cuts that have a little to a lot of extra grip. It's easy to get overwhelmed... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Floaty, precise edging, good construction, playful, User friendly, turning experience, versatile, playful, Responsive, snappy, maneuverable, durable topsheet, powder performance, Loads of pop, stable, fun turning experience, Topsheet scratches easy, topsheet is slippery, Average powder floatation, pop is less user-friendly, If we could only buy one, this would be it, High performance embedded with a consistently playful charter, A board fit for those sunny all-mountain laps filled with turns, methods, and straight lines, 152, 152 wide, 157, 157 wide, 160, 160 wide, 163, 163 wide, 167, 167 widecm, 151, 154, 155, 157, 158, 160, 161, 162, 164, 167, FSC Mountain (dual-density wood, hardwood bamboo stringers). In the firmest of surfaces, this model provided secure edge hold thanks to its UnderBite Technology. The Warpig provides amble stability for most riders, but if you love to have your periphery turn into a large blur while you race down the mountain, you might want more stability. That’s what makes a board like this great in the park as well as the mountain but also makes carving less fun. The Ride Women’s WarPig is an interesting all mountain type snowboard that has free-ride bits of personality thrown in there. The Warpig was able to make secure and powerful medium radius turns; our tester could comfortably hold these arcs with speed and precision. Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2020 For powder riding, this board get 5 stars for sure. With the big nose, you don’t have to set your stance back and it’s surprising how nose heavy you can land and still pull out of it. Turn Initiation: The Ride Warpig offers up turn initiation that’s different than normal short fatty’s. It has a fun yet strong edging style that comes in a user-friendly package. I'm not much of a park guy, but it was fun on the jumps I took it off, and really fun for little hit around the resort. Ride’s boards (including the Warpig) let go pretty easy when the snow transitions from medium to medium hard and it can be a surprise. Flat to rocker like this makes for an easy ride and we all liked the feel underfoot. Thanks man! The WARPIG has won multiple snowboard tests for both all mountain and freestyle categories which is a rare feat in modern snowboarding. Approximate Weight: Felt pretty light but not fragile. So, yes, it is last years model but I can tell you absolutely NOTHING has changed for the 19/20 model apart from the graphic. Built Ride-tough with a Roll-In Slimewall sidewalls, Carbon Array 3 laminates and Double Impact Plates, you can put this board through the ringer and still get excellent performance time and time again. Ride Warpig 2019 Snowboard Rider Review . With a flat profile this board is stable and predictably; it does want you want when you want. Carving: Much better than we thought for a board with no camber but still missing that pop out of a hard carve. From front board same ways to deep days at the resort, this board can always be called into duty. Flexible. Hard to beat. When set all the way back at a 22.75″ stance width you can get 5.75″ back on board. Take the War Pig into the powder and you’ll feel an effortless float and a surfy fun ride thanks to the unique shape and the reverse camber profile. Edge to edge is surprisingly easy given it's width, and the shorter length makes it easier to throw around in tight spots, trees or steeps.It really does have a surfy feel, and the experience is different to riding a traditionally shaped board. Got feedback? However, if you want to go short/fat but play all over the mountain and park then the Ride Warpig could be a great call. I would prefer to get air off the Twinpig but the Ride Warpig has a nice stable platform underfoot approaching and landing on kickers. Yet I noticed that in practice in areas where I was struggling a bit with the Nidecker like the rest of the people, with the Warpig I just blasted through it all, holding an edge and keeping control.BMW M2 is a comparison to make, but a Russian T34 tank would be just as accurate. This warpig will allow you to lay down carves, jump and ride big mountain lines. Ride Ride Warpig Snowboard 2021. Categories Articles by Dave, Blog, New Snowboard Gear Tags Ride Snowboards. It is a solid, short and wide design that is a beast to maneuver. I’ve ridden a 2017 warpig in 148(small) the past couple of seasons and enjoyed it, but the flat base, length, or combination thereof made it feel a little squirrelly at speed and sketchy on hardpack/icy days. It’s fun in a soft banked slalom though. November 01, 2018. and she can cook high speeds, the biradial sidecut is sweet for having the long carve at high speeds and quick turns at slower. In powder she shines. To help your turn radius the Optimistic has one of the tightest sidecuts in the review next to the Ride Warpig. On Snow Feel: Very stable one footing off the chair or flat basing. The phone that you might be reading this review on is the perfect example. Go fast, carve hard, pop high, get playful on any sidehits I find or just send it. Still, it had pretty fun snappy turns for a flat to rocker short fatty. One of the most popular boards of the last few years, the Ride Warpig has proven its mettle as a versatile all-terrain shredder. It’s a better good snowboard. It is one of Ride’s non gender specific models, they make it from sizes 142 all the way to 158, so this board shows up in the women’s board section on Ride’s website along with all the other women’s boards. The Ride Warpig's playful flex and unique shape excel in every situation from the park to railing perfect groomer turns. The Warpig has the tightest sidecut and one of the widest waist widths in the review. Comfort 0.0. This model provided a very fun, and nimble, edging style that is enhanced by a playful flex and stable platform brought by the waist width. Speed: Ride makes damp boards and although this isn’t their dampest it’s damper than it would seem from inspecting it in a shop. 22 Sep. With a name like the Warpig how could you go wrong? This is a volume displacement style board, which just means that it's built wider than your typical snowboard and allows it to be ridden in a more maneuverable shorter length. The versatility of the warpig is unmatched. It excelled at short radius turns that had felt snappy and quick based upon its tight sidecut and tapered profile. Most boards like this I tried really shine when it comes to turning and carving. Rating Required. For reference, I am 5'11" about 200lbs and had a blast riding the 148 as an "all mountain" ride. It was better even than the Nidecker Rave 159 which I rode the same day, which is really meant as a stable carver. 2019 Ride Warpig Snowboard . I’m 5’9″ 155lbs with a size 8.5/9 boot. The benefit was that the nose had some give against the snow, which aided in floatation. This was particularly noticeable on the heel side edge or landing on jumps and rails. Speaking of performance, Ride's Performance Core keeps the Warpig surprisingly light and agile for a board of its strength. Create New Wish List; THIS PRODUCT QUALIFIES FOR FREE SHIPPING! So in conclusion, if you want to carve and turn there are many better boards out there. The versatility of the warpig is unmatched. Ideal for any and all conditions, the Warpig is definitely a board for a more confident rider … Turning Experience: This is a fun board to turn but this is one place where it’s not quite in line with other short fatty’s that are usually super springy taint tickling good times. It does turn very easily though. With most short fatty’s the thought of riding switch doesn’t even come to mind. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. It’s got the ability to get a little quicker tight radius turn and throw it around easier than a long narrow waist board but the wide waist is noticeably slower getting quickly from edge to edge in tight situations like trees or bumps compared to a longer narrower waist board. Highlights: The Ride Warpig is a really fun and versatile snowboard with a surfy feel to it. It is less poppy, snappy and fun than other boards, but is a machine at higher speeds. The rockered tip and tail were a threat to edge security depending on turn radius and snow type. Although, our testing suggests that because of its rockered tip and tail, this model struggles to maintain edge contact in firm snow conditions. Despite its difficulty in hardpack, it was one of the most versatile and playful snowboards in the review, which allowed it to earn an award for transitions from powder to park; this means no need for a different board for powder, park, and groomers. Different bindings and boots depending on the occasion, I rode the Large on East Coast ice/groomers, Whistler powder and all mountain, and Alberta Groomers. Designed for all-mountain ride-ability, the Warpig allows users to step down from their normal board size without sacrificing stability and response. Ride Warpig Snowboard Review The Positives. Instead, it feels more like the Gazelle Pig. Prepare yourself for battle on the mountain with the Ride Warpig Snowboard. It’s a stable board at speed. The Lumberjack is also designed for powder freestyle/log jibbing, while the Warpig is just a board that can be downsized due to a volume shift from length to width making it more versatile on groomers and what not. Ride Warpig Large (154cm) - Now Pilots soft bushings medially, medium bushings laterally +18, -12 on reference position (22 inches) Days on Board: 6 all in May, but a good variety of conditions. Home » Snowboard Reviews » Ride Warpig 2017-2019 Snowboard Review. Too bad we can´t use .5 ratings, cause to me this board is actually a 3.5, although with good conditions is a solid 4 out of 5 stars.My set up, Malavitas and 32- 3M boots. Hi my name is Trevor and I just got done riding the Ride Warpig. I felt this Rave would potentially outperform in terms of speed (a bit faster base) and carvebility). Instead, it feels more like the Gazelle Pig. You can drive turns off your front foot without it being too washy. Our testing supported these use-contexts. It shined with its playful flex and turning style that can either be railed or surf styled and slashy off of the tail. Sup man I've ridden all of these boards. The below is based on riding the Pig on groomers.Although it is not a race monster or carving machine, it definitely allows you to aggressively plow through everything in its way with ease. Uneven Terrain: Short fatty’s aren’t really fun in bumps or hammering through the messy end of the day resort snow with emerging moguls. Ride Warpig Review: Short/Wide Snowboard Review Hello and welcome to my Ride Warpig review. Overview The Warpig is a battle-tested all-mountain slasher featuring a directional rocker profile that is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders who want to turn the slopes into their own personal playground. for what your looking to ride: carving trees and a little park I absolutely recomend the superpig. The camber underfoot will make it a far better carver than the warpig and party wave( yes it has camber but it's very mellow) , and it … Skidded Turns: Very easy to skid a turn without consequence. There is plenty of pop and snap to this board. : : If you're an all-mountain rider looking for a directional board to rip the whole mountain from breakfast 'til dinner, you're in luck. Deep toeside turn overlooking Lake Tahoe. Rossignol Sushi I noticed that I was passing everyone on the slope, skiers included, particularly when the terrain was a bit rougher, without really making the deliberate effort to do so.Similarly, although I wasn’t trying to set speed records, I measured +50 Mph, so if you go full throttle I would say 60 Mph is feasible, which is really fast for such a fat little piggy.I must say that at these speeds I sometimes felt the back end becoming a bit nervous, like full throttle with a RWD car in the corners . just imagine trying to ride like dylan gamache (yawgoons) and thats this board. Given its waist width, our testers were found it had very efficient edge to edge movement at all speeds.

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