It’s there mainly for my own use, but feel free to play with it. The script will then intend to do so by race. I believe that this, combined with an also-fixed bug in the NPC registration system, caused virtually all of the reported insta-hostile issues. (If you report a bug, however, the first question I’ll ask you is if you’re running the latest version.). I’ll probably be able to use that information to fix the bug. In some situations where the PANPC’s confidence has just absolutely shattered, they may fire off a fear effect that results in a panicked run and a cower. I've used Arbitration, but it hasn't been updated in years and I've heard it doesn't mesh well with other mods anymore. or they alter combat styles. That could, conceivably, lead to a much more fun mod. Creation Club content is fully curated and compatible with the main game and official add-ons, meaning using Creation Club content won't disable achievements. Fallout 4 throws a number of settlements at you almost immediately, but some are more promising and satisfying than others. Other factions are assigned one of the preexisting templates. (It does nothing, however, to automatically detect and adapt to other mods.). About Pack Attack: NPC Addition (PA-NPC) every 10-20 min, 15-30 min, etc.) He’s the new guy who got in WAY over his head that day. 2. Sprinkle in one or two weapon packs and off you go. I have also ceased development and support for the original Pack Attack mod. Emergent Effects, WTF Moments, and Chaos In Action It’s not set in stone or anything, but yes. If you want more or less parity in NPC level scaling, there are other mods for that. I am no longer maintaining or supporting it. If they’re suddenly becoming very in-your-face aggressive, it’s because they’ve decided that they’re winning, and they may (but may not) be right. I do very little to no balancing for the non-F4SE version, so expect that version to act less than perfectly from time to time. As of v1.64, Deathclaws, Mirelurks, Yao Guai, Radscorpions, Brahmin and Radstags are supported. When I’m reasonably confident in the main release, I’ll ship a non-F4SE version at the same time. As of v1.4, the Brotherhood of Steel is a supported NPC. Pull your logs and see what your game was doing just before it crashed. Sometimes that means they take out their friends as well. DO NOT REPORT IT AS A BUG. Anything outside of the scope is a distraction from it, weakening the project as a whole and possibly creating rabbit holes to lose myself in. Since implementing the new system, the cloning system seems to be solid as a rock. So stay classy, as my patience is not endless. You’ll have to sort that one out. Most hostile canines are. PA-NPC now includes all of the functionality of the original Pack Attack, plus much else besides. As if the 1.6 series, Pack Attack has begun assuming a third role as well: staging director. It’s amazing how many have just one or the other. Weapons, armor, and other items will fill your inventory, but also a ton of “junk” items that are actually extremely important.This means you’ll constantly be pushing the limits to what you can carry, but in Fallout 4 there are a bunch of ways to get around this. Please use Fallrim to clean your save, and then make sure you’re updated to the latest version of PA-NPC. I only care about the mod. Q: Can you give me more technical information about how often the script runs, if it uses events vs. timers, etc.? You can also help pitch in, if you want to get your hands dirty on this mod. I like to use it alongside Immersive Fallout, Weapons of Fate, and NPC Level Scaling. A 50HP NPC will see a 150HP friend as a major boost to the team, while the stronger one will regard the weaker one as a liability. And so on. There is also an optional setting (defaulting to OFF) in MCM that provides Medic-enabled actors with a few extra stimpaks when they become PA-enabled. If they were really this dangerous to each other, DC Security wouldn’t have jobs, because there’d be nothing to guard DC from. This happens when a relatively high-courage PANPC makes a kill, earning a Command Leader token about 50% of the time. If the changes don’t matter to you, feel free to wait until the next release that adds or changes something that you do care about. You’re likely to see this especially in places like Fort Hagen. Currently they compare base weapon range and base cap cost value. This will usually happen at the end of another evasion move, once the PANPC has collected themselves a bit and is ready to reenter the battle. Older versions were updated for reasons, and your bug may have already been fixed. The most I’ve tested either mod with so far is about 12 raiders (for PA-NPC) and 30 dogs (for PA) at once, and have found no performance problems whatsoever. Not really. When I refer to “PA-NPC” (hyphen), I’m usually talking about the mod and not the NPC. Does it even need to? Otherwise, Medic PANPCs will use stimpaks from their inventory/drop/death items. I like a lot of the changes it makes, but I'd rather not screw up my game by adding essential mods I like to an incompatible overhaul. Hopefully not. Efforts ongoing. Your companion got caught in crossfire and shot back. So generally speaking, I’d avoid merging it, even though it may work. 12 Joining The Brotherhood: Righteous Authority The player creates detection events whenever they fire a weapon or kill an NPC. PA-NPC does not attach its script to any unique actor or anyone belonging to CompanionFaction. If you find a bug, please report it and I’ll get on it ASAP. Ask it in the comment section (or send me a PM). letting the player character construct their own home base(s) as they desire. This video is dedicated to increasing the difficulty in Fallout 4 using a variety of different mods. How AP Regeneration Works I guess I should stop being lazy and learn FO4Edit huh? You can reduce (or raise) the “volume” of these detection events in MCM, down to zero if desired. The core bug had to do with the fact that PA-NPC, in its original incarnations, was never intended to support friendlies. This can include locations that were not intended to be accessible to that particular NPC, such as perhaps some of the elevated positions in mods like [url=]Diamond City Enhanced Security[/url]. Because in my tests, that’s the only I’ve found to stop raiders from wanting to burn down their own base every time a stranger drops by: just take away their damned flame bombs. - Thanks to Caliente for … Very occasionally the NPC in question will go catatonic and just wander off somewhere for a nice lie down. Smarter AI and such. Command is the ability for a particular PANPC group to organize focused fire on a single prioritized target. Terminology note: “PA-enabled” means an NPC that is operating using Pack Attack logic. (See above question about Reporting Bugs.). This mod is being developed rapidly, and it is very likely that your issue has already been addressed. This time I focus on the combat, difficulty settings and the ways in which Fallout 4 adds 'challenge' to the game. It’s last act before disconnecting for good is to attach an “avenge me” keyword to itself for a brief period, and then removing it. Thanks for the suggestions. If you’ve been using PA since early versions (especially prior to 1.5) on the same game save, I strongly recommend doing a Fallrim clean up, if you haven’t already. The other situation, theoretically, is that a no-Molly NPC could maybe lift one off the newly dead corpse of a comrade. They’re taking the time to place their shots. enabled 8:07 Both Arbitration and immersive fallout enabled damage output set at 2.5 x and incoming damage at 5x thanks to Arbitration. For example, if a mod creates a new Brahmin NPC but uses a custom race and/or custom factions, the PA-NPC registrar has no way of accurately identifying it. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game. All I can guarantee is that any reported/verified bugs are being investigated and fixed as quickly as possible, because I’m quite aware that players are accepting that risk. Agony. I've looked at them in FO4Edit, and both are perfectly compatible (except with … Users were reporting active scripts in the high hundreds, but few CTDs or in-game impacts. All said, it took me a long while and a bunch of combinations but i'm finally happy with the combat in my game. What should I do? Not at all. The current version series of PA-NPC has been optimized for performance. Like all other PA-NPCs, Synths now are also liable to run away when seriously damaged, to find other Synths to back them up, or barring that, to hide. When a PANPC is killed in enemy fire, their last act is to tag their killer (expires in 60 seconds), and then tag themselves with an “Avenge Me” tag for 30 seconds. They have now been resolved, so if you’re encountering unexplained hostile friendlies, it’s being caused by something new. Creation Club is a collection of all-new content for Fallout 4 as well as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Medic ability basically allows PANPCs to maneuver in order to assist their teammates. Not all of them, however, are PA-enabled: most of the rank and file troops, as well as the Legendaries and the general encounter BoS, should be good to go. This should no longer be an issue. In Fallout 4, the Sole Survivor can build and manage their own settlements at various sites around the Commonwealth. Note: PA-NPC does absolutely nothing to alter faction relationships. PA-NPC doesn’t do anything to mess with weapons or ammo. I have a lot of fun with them, and they’re my baseline test group. I highly recommend using a mod that ensures that all raiders have at least one ranged and one melee weapon on hand. Last updated 28 April 2016 10:48PM. Nearly 100% of all combat starts vs enemies that are at full health, so it's always nice to have a reliable way to deal a massive amount of damage right at the start. Animals, in general, are not currently PA-enabled. It sure is a good find. In general, they will rush you if they either think they can get away with it or if they’re cornered and have no choice. MCM is required if you want MCM support. I know mods like Immersive Gameplay and other total overhauls alter AI, but Pack Attack just seems to do so much more than any simple change in AI behavior. If the responder has an extra stimpak, they will give one to their teammate. Edit: I'm a big idiot and forgot Immersive Fallout and Immersive Gameplay are two different mods. If you are getting a repeating bug that you can reliably reproduce, try kicking on Debug Mode and see what the messages say. Q: How exactly do PA-enabled NPCs assess each other and enemy NPCs? Remember, they’re all smarter now, so skirmishes that are “supposed” to end a certain way may now have different end results. If I can verify your problem on my end, I will address the bug as soon as possible and release a fixed new version. As @DCShannon mentions in their comment, difficult is also likely a factor. I can't play without it anymore. Fallout 4 is a true adventure game as you're free to roam around the wastelands completing tasks and gathering futuristic weapons and armor. As of the v1.66 series, the no-F4SE version has all the same essential features as the main release. Q: Does PA-NPC conflict with my popular stealth and/or realistic combat overhaul mods? I recently started a new game and have added the Deadly Commonwealth AIO and am quite eager to see how that goes. Sometimes I will refer to a PA-enabled NPC as a “PANPC” (no hyphen). I am seeing way to many mods and files that could have been distributed as patches. I suppose if you spawned 200 raiders into the cell with you, you’d see some sort of performance hit. Sep 19, 2016 @ 4:58am Immersive gameplay, because that means I don't have to choose if I don't want to. Either way it looks great. I’m middle aged, work from home as a self-employed freelance writer, and have a very understanding wife who puts up with it. Unlike Arbitration where the whole group will swarm you at the beginning of the dungeon, in PACK, enemies will come in “waves”. PA-NPC is far and above the next evolution of FO4 NPC AI. This doesn’t change faction relationships at all. This tool will be removed in a future version of PA-NPC once I’m satisfied that it is no longer necessary. I’ve yet to see that happen, but I can’t rule it out as a possibility. Further increments (1.661, etc.) apparently you hold down the bash/power attack button to throw a grenade. Especially latter. :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FalloutMods community. lol. Q: Are the Pack Attack mods compatible with my version of Fallout 4? Then update PA-NPC, reload the save. There's a reddit thread where this is discussed, including a formula.The thread is 4 months old, so it's possible this has been tweaked in a patch since then. Most likely, as I’m not the only one. Or reporting the problem and allowing me to fix it. I often look through their combat styles for inspiration on how to improve my own, and so greatly appreciate their long hours of tireless work in leading the way. Yes, they can be attacked. I'm obsessively comparing combat overhaul mods trying to decide which one to use for my first play through. Railroad could care less about the raiding and never attack. So the script is pretty resilient. However, from what I’ve read, it differs from the older Gamebryo system (FO3/FNV) in that script resources are generally segmented and allocated, and so if one script is exceeding its own resource allowance, the scheduler will deprioritize that script until the bottleneck is resolved. Ranged fighters in a defensive posture get the opposite: better accuracy with slower speed. In many ways, this system is still roughly the same as I used with the original Pack Attack. You’d likely have to be trying to crash it to make it dump. Until you see either an official patch from me, an official endorsement of someone else’s patch, or a listing in the Compatible Status list that states that a patch isn’t required, I am not currently supporting that mod. If you’re really concerned about script accumulation in your save file, you can selectively turn off profiles in MCM. I really do think that Raiders are my favorite PA-NPC group. Also, is there a good mod for AI combat behavior? The two types of assessment are very different. But others, such as Molerats and Mirelurks, will need case-by-case consideration and probably custom coding and templates. Source code is included in both download packages. I’m a big believer in keeping to a very clear project scope. IMPORTANT! The player character can execute them in any ord… I am taking insta-hostile reports VERY seriously. Right now I don’t see any way to substantially improve them that justifies the processing overhead. Q: Will PA-NPC eventually support companions? As of v1.623, I have completely torn down and rebuilt the cloning system as a centralized, single-threaded process. If you have just upgraded to v1.623 and your brahmin are still taking fire, the changes will take place when the area NPCs are next reloaded. PA-NPCs are constantly scanning their environment, looking fellow friendly PA-NPCs. It doesn’t change any base records. Recommend Any One of These? Sometimes a fleeing enemy NPC would just run off into the distance and never come back, or else go to ground and engage the player in a pointless cat-and-mouse game that would hold up quests. Q: How does Pack Attack prevent molotov cocktail use indoors? The tribe is composed overwhelmingly of very light-skinned individuals of Caucasian descent that cover their bodies in a chalk-like white powder as war paint. Others will fall like a house of cards. The modules I use are the aggression/AI rework and the "Less grenade spam". The mod does a wide area scan every time you enter a new cell. Q: Why is the Main release a more current version than the no-F4SE release? You can also do the same thing in the console by using the. Only in the F4SE version. NPC Level Scaling sounds nice and I know BLD and other overhauls do this. Weapons, armor, and other items will fill your inventory, but also a ton of “junk” items that are actually extremely important.This means you’ll constantly be pushing the limits to what you can carry, but in Fallout 4 there are a bunch of ways to get around this. Yes. I absolutely am, although I reserve the right to reject ideas that either I don’t think will work, or that are outside of my envisioned scope of this mod. I post a changelog with each update, which I encourage you to review. Q: Can I get a compatibility patch for [insert popular mod name here]? Please update. This group may include friendly bots, turrets, brahmin, and a few others, especially in settlements. A good companion to keep around, Codsworth brings some levity to the experience of Fallout 4, flinging out robot quips and jokes about how his cleaning procedure is being activated by … I also use it in combination of pack attack. Fallout 4 NPC Spawn Codes. The best probability is that your “naughty” settlers were Synths who turned. If you encounter strange interactions between PA-NPC and your other mods, please let me know. This can happen, and will sometimes set off a friendly faction. The short answer is: very probably not. The gameplay is largely similar to that of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, with the ability to switch Q: And how exactly did a raider (or other NPC) get up there? Fallout 4 > General Discussions > Topic Details. As many other mods do the same thing, that meant having to do compatibility patches for anything that had any sort of overlap. Sometimes you can fix the issue simply by changing the MCM settings. Recommend Any One of These? As of v1.64, friendly settlement turrets now have Command ability. *wave*. Yes. However, there are plenty of BoS actors which remain on vanilla settings. I would imagine the other combat-tweaking mods will make it super-brutal though so wish me luck. The Mercenary Armor Pack erweitert Fallout 4 um unzählige hochauflösende Outfits und Rüstungen. Pack Attack is pretty solid. Pickman is a serial killer and self-described artist living in Pickman Gallery in the Commonwealth. Why are you updating this mod so often? are bug fix and refinement releases in support of the new features of that version set. Whatever! Q: If I am using PA-NPC, can I uninstall the original Pack Attack mod? You’ll need it to defuck all manner of various things once you start using 100+ mods. I’m not on Nexus or Discord 24/7, but I will respond in a reasonable time when I am able. The workshop interface is used to place and connect pre-fabricated structures as well as individual pieces (walls, floors, roofs, etc.) Versions since 1.6 have included multiple levels of security to ensure that this combat fire routine is never used unless the target is alive and faction hostile (or is already hostile to the NPC), and is currently in a combat-ready state. Fallout 4 VR Configuration Tool [] As strange as this may sound, I recommend you download this via the Mod Manager link rather than using the manual link because NMM (and I assume Vortex) can tell you when there is an update to this utility. (The “Confidence Man” bar fight, for example. When they go melee, if they don’t have a melee weapon (or they just don’t want to use it), they resort to hand-to-hand combat. Eventually I always make it back to Fallout. All I can say here is that performance is a high priority to me, and with each new version I’m doing everything I can to give the event stack some breathing room and push that crash ever further back. This also created unwanted hostility in some tests involving PA-enabled friendly dogs. Q: I’m getting CTDs and I think this mod is to blame. Some will start with a natural advantage there, more likely to stay true against impossible odds. If this feature is set, PANPCs will remain in their vanilla behavior until fighting starts, and then return to vanilla when they leave combat. I have my eye on Better Locational Damage right now, but I wanted to keep my options open and see what others in the community think. If you are encountering this problem, you have a very outdated version. There are thirty-seven discoverable/unlockable settlements total with thirty in the base game, one in the Automatron, four in the Far Harbor, one in the Vault-Tec Workshop and one in the Nuka-World add-ons. And, if you choose to start writing mods yourself, pay it forward and think about the new guys who will one day be trying to learn from your work. Occasionally, under the right conditions, a raider will react to Revenge rage by shooting up with Psycho. Battle Buddies is my solution to countering a more effective flee/evade system. Breaks, Bugs, and Compatibility Questions Their enemies would all be dead, and most of them would be, as well. When you load the clean game save, PA-NPC will reinitialize itself to its initial state. About Specific Factions My philosophy when building modlists back in the day was simple.. Take the usual suspects, chuck in a couple of larger feature mods and then as many quality of life tweaks that pair well with those feature mods as I can find. The name doesn’t mean anything to me; I made it up. I can guide you. Pack Attack looks amazing! This should be fairly accurate with most vanilla NPCs. I will definitely give Pack Attack a try! SKK Survival Level 1 … Working for all of them is impossible throughout the end of the game, but you might be able to swing one, two, or maybe even three if you’re very careful. This mod mainly alters what they do at that point. Earlier versions of PA-NPC attached the script statically to actor records, so they were all persistent, which meant none of them were ever cleared out. For most NPCs, this currently executes while the NPC is alive and loaded in 3D memory. Almost all of them, with the following exceptions: Any character flagged as unique They’ll usually make this determination based on whether the target is a fairly hard target (i.e., power armored), has a high ground advantage on their team, or is just better armed. In the older system, there was simply a common pool of resources, and a single process could drag down the whole game. Most of the non-F4SE players I’ve heard from so far have been VR players, so I’m trying to limit the amount of experimental code they have to deal with. Q: What is the Medic ability? Most players who come here just want to get the most benefit for their character by the time all is said and done. I am reviewing stack dumps from my own tests to see if a factor is at play that I can resolve. Which one of these matches the above criteria? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Synths now have the same full complement of combat styles as everyone else, including melee/hand-to-hand at close range and retreat in self-preservation. My time isn’t overly ample, so much as it is abnormally flexible. Can you fix it? Q: So what exactly is the deal with the Brotherhood of Steel? However, I’m usually pretty good at finding and resolving them, so this shouldn’t be an issue in most versions. That having been said, not everything is really a bug, and I would very much appreciate if you could do a bit of leg work before reporting it. Future Plans For PA-NPC This can happen when you use the “Extra Spawn” MCM feature. Rather than having a single defined combat style (as in vanilla), PA-enabled animals have five of them, and biped NPCs (humans, etc.) Just something that isnt so all inclusive that makes changes to all things in the game, like needs. Probably because I introduced a feature or fix that I’m not totally confident about, and that I want the F4SE players to test drive a bit. Need ESL Clarification (ESP with BA2?) Most combat overhauls – range, accuracy, etc. I can’t promise that any particular version doesn’t break anything. (updated 3/17/18, v1.62). Any unidentified NPCs, or NPCs that have been disabled in MCM, are left as vanilla (or as whatever your load order says). Forged and Rust Devils, for instance, use the Raiders template. 898,685. Nothing is required other than the base Fallout 4 game. 3. CaptainStarDreamer. - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Troubleshooting: Hi there. 0.4.3. I know Immersive Fallout tries to tailor the AI specifically for Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants, etc. You don't need Arbitration. The modules I use are the aggression/AI rework and the "Less grenade spam". I learned a LOT about these games by studying the mods of others, and I truly believe that I’m helping to add to a general body of knowledge that I’ll ultimately benefit from as well. Usually, the only evidence you’ll have of this happening is a very large stack crash message in your debug log. Q: Is there any way to fix an over-aggroed NPC (such as turrets)? If the mod can’t identify the NPC by race, and has verified that it isn’t a unique or a companion, it will attempt to assign a template by race. What should I do? Something’s banging against a scripted scene and/or quest that requires a specific fight to happen a certain way. A near-future version of PA-NPC will include limited support for turrets and brahmin, specifically to reset them to normal aggression. A lot of these combat balance overhauls all fall into the same trap of not respecting scope and end up touching various little things to fit the mod author’s idea of how the game should be played. Went and started Railroad instead. Fallout 4 Nuka World: Raider Settlements Making Raider Outposts, Vassals, and The Wasteland Warlord Perk Playing Overboss in Fallout 4 Nuka World. Fallout 4: 5 Mods That Change Everything (& 5 That Are Ridiculously Hilarious) Fallout 4's modding community is ambitious and thriving, leading to some mods that drastically alter Bethesda's game. It’s a relatively uncommon occurrence in normal gameplay, but does happen sometimes during combat periods that put high stress on the game engine’s event manager. Because nexus texture packs don't cover all areas, I use the bethesda pack together with Vivid Fallout to have the best of both #2. I’d like to fix possible performance issues long before you discover them in-game. As of v1.432, nearly every NPC group in Fallout 4 and the DLCs are PA-enabled. This mod adds an immersive Fallout 4 vampire mechanism. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances; Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it I actually use RGBO and BLD together with Weapons of Fate, Immersive Fallout (not Immersive Gameplay), Pack Attack, Insult to Injury, and Loot Logic. When a PA-enabled NPC dies, the script shuts down for that NPC, unregistering for all its events. Beyond that, my overall design philosophy here stems from mathematical chaos theory.

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