Required Level: 75, Two-handed weapon Stickied post. - Duration: 7:43. Aoe Knights are awesome tanks and are very inexpensive to build. Attack: 728 ~ 729 Attack: 305 ~ 308 - When you get your AoE skill, you'll have to play around with how high of a level you can AoE, it all depends on your level, build, armor, weapon and skills. 60: Guardian Ambidextrous Axe (Gambi) – 300-304 DEX+5, Def+30 Some people say to get an npc axe and get a good str awakening, but I think the def from this thing really does help. Flyff philippines is coming back and for sure my favorite class will be too. Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 1 by regaxion, Why I’m making this guide: Because even with all the guides we already have, there are too many questions (all basically about the same) so this guide is filled with EVERYTHING I know and have learned about knights through about three years of playing. Meh, you can get it if you want, it’ll help block a little more, but I’d say save your money. If you reduct it at 110Master, you could go dex based AoE and have a really nice block rate against mobs o3o though that’s probably not worth the restat lol. Required Job: Knight 2/4: Def+25 If you go this route, go 1vs1. FLUTS. *Note- On the side, if you can do the red bang quest at level 30, then do the second half at level 60, including Red Mantis and the Grr quest. Meaning you can put in 4 cards. STA +3 Awesome hp rate, could be good for AoE too. The best weapon we have awaits us there. 50 str (give or take 10 str) xxx sta 15 dex 15 int, xxx str 50 sta (give or take 10 sta) 15 dex 15 int, 50 str (give or take 10 str) 15 sta xxx dex 15 int, xxx str 30 sta (give or take some) 71 dex 15 int, xxx str 30 sta (give or take some) 50-60 dex 15 int, xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 87 dex 15 int, xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 15 dex 15 int, 15 str (give or take) 15 sta (give or take) xxx dex 15 int, xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 37/38 dex 15 int. Well, you better believe it, get a good one of these, and you won’t have to worry about dex in awakenings or base stats. Hit rate+15% This things bonuses are an AoEs dream, and it helps with giant hunting and pvp. Can be Useful. 75: Historic Sword (Hsword) -279-281 STR+5, Crit Rate+7% This is like our Angel Axe on the other side of this pathway. Use it till 90. 1 Speedbreaks for each type of Weapon 1.1 One Handed Swords 1.2 One Handed Axes 1.3 Two Handed Swords 1.4 Two Handed … Now, hopefully, later I'll do some merc weapons, but this is a knight guide. For a high sta knight, attack piercings are the way to go. User account menu. 50: Shamutra/Shaentra (Level 50 Clockworks set) Set bonuses: Helmet- Resistances: Electric+8%, Fire+8%, Water+16% Boots- Resistances: Electric+7%, Fire+7%, Water+14% Gauntlet- Resistances: Electric+9%, Fire+9%, Water+18% Suit- Resistances: Electric+10%, Fire+10%, Water+20%, Male Bonuses: Helmet- Def+50 Boots- HP+150 Gauntlet- HP+100 Suit- Def+80, Female Bonuses: Helmet- Atk Speed+2.5% Boots- Hit Rate+20% Gauntlet- Hit Rate+18% Suit- Atk Speed+5%. DEX: 15 INT: 15 This build makes use of the high HP points given to Knights per Stamina. 105: Ectro/Extro (level 105 green set) 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+24 3/4: Def+48, Atk Speed+15% 4/4: Def+48, Atk Speed+15%, DEX+7 Uhh…don’t even worry about this set, its for 1vs1. Collapse. Attack: 694 ~ 706 Additional HP+30% One of the great things about knights is the versatility. -Weapon Just to get this off and away, from 15-60 use npc weapons, enough said. Added bonus: Determines your health and defense. Dex: Enough to get to the speed break, I think it's 90-100 Fly For Fun r/ FlyFF. Thank you very much for this! if you can't get … Required Job: Knight And I hope you know better then to use one of these: Stuff About Pets -Exp Rates- D- .25% per minute C- .12% per minute B- .06% per minute A- .03% per minute S- N/A, -Levels- Lion: Level 1 : 1 sta Level 2 : 2 sta Level 3 : 4 sta Level 4 : 7 sta Level 5 : 11 sta Level 6 : 16 sta Level 7 : 22 sta Level 8 : 29 sta Level 9 : 37 sta Max : 75 str Min : 5, Dragon: Level 1 : 5 attack Level 2 : 10 attack Level 3 : 20 attack Level 4 : 35 attack Level 5 : 55 attack Level 6 : 80 attack Level 7 : 110 attack Level 8 : 145 attack Level 9 : 185 attack Max : 375 attack Min : 25 attack, Tiger: Level 1: 1 str Level 2 : 2 str Level 3 : 4 str Level 4 : 7 str Level 5 : 11 str Level 6 : 16 str Level 7 : 22 str Level 8 : 29 str Level 9 : 37 str Max : 75 str Min : 5 str, Unicorn: Level 1 : 91 hp Level 2 : 182 hp Level 3 : 364 hp Level 4 : 637 hp Level 5 : 1001 hp Level 6 : 1456 hp Level 7 : 2002 hp Level 8 :  2639 hp Level 9 : 3367 hp Max : 6825 hp Min : 455 hp, Rabbit: Level 1 : 1 Dex Level 2 : 2 Dex Level 3 : 4 Dex Level 4 : 7 Dex Level 5 : 11 Dex Level 6 : 16 dex Level 7 : 22 dex Level 8 : 29 dex Level 9 : 37 dex Max : 75 dex Min : 5 dex, Fox: Level 1 : 1 int Level 2 : 2 int Level 3 : 4 int Level 4 : 7 int Level 5 : 11 int Level 6 : 16 int Level 7 : 22 int Level 8 : 29 int Level 9 : 37 int Max : 75 int Min : 5 int, Griffin Level 1 : 4 def Level 2 : 8 def Level 3 : 16 def Level 4 : 28 def Level 5 : 44 def Level 6 : 64 def Level 7 : 88 def Level 8 : 116 def Level 9 : 148 def Max : 300 def Min : 20 def, -Class/Levels- D – Level 1 C – Level 1,2,3 B – Level 1,2,3,4,5 A – Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 S – Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, -Chances- -By Aria   |    1 |   2 |   3 |   4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  8 |  9 --+------+-----+-----+-----+----+----+----+----+----+ D | 100% |  0% |  0% |  0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | C |  51% | 31% | 18% |  0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | B |  40% | 28% | 18% | 10% | 4% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | A |  35% | 23% | 17% | 12% | 7% | 4% | 2% | 0% | 0% | S |  27% | 21% | 17% | 13% | 9% | 6% | 4% | 2% | 1% | --+------+-----+-----+-----+----+----+----+----+----+, Chance of a perfect pet (if you rolled all levels at once randomly): 1 * 0.18 * 0.04 * 0.02 * 0.01 = 0.00000144. Attack: 400 ~ 409 And if you upgraded it, you could probably use it for quite a whiles. Very Useful, Dexterity - Only useful for 1v1 knights, doesn't do anything to your AoE skills. Now, you have to options. So if you had 10 Fire A cards in your shield, that would be an extra 70 Str and 20% additional damage of critical hits. Basically, it starts out as build #5, and converges to build #4 by level 105 or so. 1vs1 – Not that helpful for 1vs1 knights, don’t worry about it. 7 being 28% which is AWESOME! (depends on gear from this point on) ok finally Evasion knight. 75-M:Ultimate Lusaka’s Heavy Crystal Axe -694-706 HP +18%, STR +10, STA +10 Is it worth to get it? Some facts about the arena: -No you won’t lose exp -No you won’t lose your items (except food and what not lol) -No your pet won’t die if you die (only way it will is if you don’t feed it) -No you won’t gain or lose dual points -No it is not a place to hang out and talk, so don’t complain when you die -Yes total carnage is allowed. Required Level: 120, Two-handed weapon I have a 87 AOE Knight, whose build used to be: STR: 50 STA: XXX DEX: 15 INT: 15 - If you can, level with a partner, it's fun, efficient and will almost always help you level as they can heal you, dps or even attack at range. Though if you can’t get it, obviously use an npc axe. 2/4: No effect ~Swords~ Just to say, swords are mainly for 1vs1, but there are a few sword AoEs out there. Collapse. card classic compact. For giant hunting, I wouldn’t start until about 65, because you can then take on giant elder, and still kill volt. Required Job: Templar And if you’re an alternative 1vs1, fill shield with electrics and perhaps your weapon with fire. Required Job: Knight 2/4: Def+25 Le Moine 1vs1 (43 DEX) ou Build FOR : Le Moine 1vs1 suivant le build DEX 43 a choisi la voie de la force aux détriments de la vitesse. Replace them with your vigors. Attack speed: Very Slow Unless you want a set for giant hunting, this can help a substantial amount. As for this compared to Rescorn. Also just to note, at Level 90 the speed break for sword changes to 90 dex…don’t ask why, I really don’t know. Required Job: Knight A lot of people use stam rings + plug earrings, especially if they’re low in sta. BLOCK MELEE 20% 5 pcs. Required Job: Mercenary dex: 50 Choose STA over STR (around 75-90 points) if you like more aoe, Choose STR over STA (75-90 points) when you like 1v1. You don’t really need a high +’ed one, just get to 75 lol. Press J to jump to the feed. damage+35% Added bonus: D,C,B, and A. Attack: 680 ~ 684 Added bonus: Crit. Required Level: 70, Two-handed weapon Also Giant Shu dos not regenerate its hp, Kern Level – 104 Hp – 1,235,058 Element – Fire Drops : Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: Level 101, Glaphan Level – 107 Hp – 1,315,502 Element – Wind Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons Location: When: 104, -None of the desert giants regain hp- -This is an exception for Grr and Dump, Grr Level – 92 Hp – Element – Electric Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: 89, Dump: Level – 95 Hp – Element – Water Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: 92, Chimeradon Level – 99 Hp – Element – Electric Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: 96, Bearnerky Level – 102 Hp – Element – Water Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: 99, Muffrin Level – 104 Hp – Element – Water Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons Location: When: 101. If you want to be a knight: Meat Knight wanna be: Sta:XXX Str:15 Dex:15. Just do the math. You’ll definitely want to use this set to get to level 65, because getting there is going to be hell. These add 110 damage, which help a lot more then you might think. For high sta builds fire cards are probably the best choice. Â, *Note- xxx dex = Until you get maxed block rate, -Armor Just to get this off and away, from 15-45 use npc sets, enough said. This would be my recommended build, using Dretra at level 60, optionally using an HBS and 75, an ABS at 90, and one-handed B Sword at 110. 1/4: No effect Flyff; Game Play Advice; Announcement. But unless you can get it +8-10 and get 15%+ critical, stick with warpon/warspon. Ultimate this thing if you can. Two-handed weapon Generally if you tank heavily, you'll want to go: I realize it's highly dependent on a dps, but it's built for solely tan. –Fire –Land –Electric. It was honestly extremely helpful :). Added bonus: STR +10 Attack speed: Slow I recommend this set if you can get it, if not, don’t worry about it, we’re not going to die. Gore : Not that important…you can get a +3 from the mia quest. Speed +10% Better then the historic sword and it’s somewhat better then an aaxe because of the ultimate attack ratings. Attack: 387 ~ 395 Attack speed: Very Slow 60: Guardian Big Sword (Gbs) -305-308 HP+200, Def+30 Like the Gambi, the def from this thing helps and so does that little bit of hp. Forum Discord Help. 1vs1 – Don’t let the attack speed tempt you, its not worth it, stay with Abs. I use 90 because at level 90 the speed break changes from 91 to 90. Required Job: Knight With this build and maxed Cannon Ball you will reach the first Axe speed break at … So I recommend sticking with Bloody Axe. Use it till 90. if you can't get a Cruentus or a Bileire/Bilari, I would use this for like... ever. No announcement yet. And I hope you know better then to use one of these: –1vs1/Alternative -Lion : Because we 1vs1 have such low sta, a lion can help a lot in arena because it adds defense and hp. If you cant’, its ok, npc set is just fine. 1vs1- This is your starting sword, or starting block. Well, I just got into this game and I was wondering what the best builds are for each of them. Notes Enjoy :3, Fun Facts about Knights: {Attack Per Str (Axe) – 5-6 {Attack Per Str (Sword) – 4-5 {Attack Per Level – 1 [Defense Per Sta – 2 [Defense Per Level – 2-3 (Pattern : increase,increase,increase,no increase,increase,increase,no increase,increase, increase, increase, no increase etc etc.) 2/4: No effect 1vs1 – Like its axe counterpart, this weapon has the hit rate and attack speed. 3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Atk Block +10%, Short Range Atk Block+10% Bonus Attack: 300 ~ 304 Required Level: 105, Two-handed weapon Anyways I highly recommend it, especially if you intend to do a lot of pvping, and farming of bosses (as said above). Collapse. So use them if you have the builds #5-6 and use guard for all builds except for #1-2. 70: Axe of Ivillines -261-269 STR+2, DEX+2, STA+2, INT+2 The extra stats might be tempting, but they really don’t help in the long run, i wouldn’t worry about this axe that much. :3, 1vs1 – Like 105 set, not needed for 1vs1, don’t worry about it. 1vs1 – This is the best weapon we 1vs1 knights will ever get! This Knight build somewhat gets fewer mobs than the … Hot New Top. Well if you can get this far and afford this, I’d say get it. -Griffin : Same as a dragon, the defense given is probably about the same as a lion, or at least close to it. Champion's Set Attack: 229 ~ 302 Especially AoE knights, they’re the punching bags in arena. Additional HP Rate +40% Added bonus: Also, each card gives different bonuses as well. -----(hybrid of 1v1 and its stats are self explanitory) entirely gear based, not recommended if your gear sucks. Required Level: 75, Could be good for a AoE, decent defense and close range block bonuses, Two-handed weapon Attack speed: Very Slow Warpon/Warspon Use it till 75, 1vs1- This is an ok axe for 1vs1, though in this case, you might want to get a good str awakening npc, or attack speed of some sort. 120 (or 110 with reductions): Bloody Two-hand Axe (Baxe) – 420-429 HP+18%, STR+10, Add FP+10% Now that ancient weapons are around, or even lusaka weapons for that matter. The defense hugely outweighs a NPC set at that level. So, yeah. Basics for now. Get it if you can, we don’t die if you can’t. For 1vs1…giant hunting and PvPing, the defense comes in handy. HP MAX RATE 20% 4 pcs Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. -Unicorn : Either a lion or unicorn, they both add an incredible amount of hp, both helpful in arena/training. By the way, Knights don't use Dex, since skills always hit. Build, I think, is a knight guide suggest people who use Lgas sooner or later switch to.... 75 set is actually very handy for 1vs1, critical %: Keep mind. The defense hugely outweighs a npc set at that level way until the Knighert/Knighz though... Knight depending on your build decides what you do 91 to 90 is... Because this alternative path, you usually put the opposite element of the speed. Stone Hand and Asmodeus time ) Crit-Billposter more Crits and less damage getting armor... Useful for us 1vs1 knights best axes, because you can use it at 65, lol ones... Break point ) INT: 15 this build is for those who can afford Angelic Soul 's to it... In different posts anything Flyff related bad to use a gpro cheap because they add... Then you can, get it, it ’ s the best one we get benefits both! Flip side, people train there from 75-88 levels as you can, however be a linker for someone.... The suit can be hard to get it, stay with Abs pretty cause... Have 80 dex I guess the criticals do help if you upgraded it, use... Note – PLEASE remember, to pierce anything, use the npc set that. I wouldn’t start until about 65, because of all the way, cause that’s all need. An ultimate bloody axe, awesome stats and the hp amount might be helpful if can. For the alternative 1vs1, fill shield with electrics and perhaps your weapon Land. % not really that useful for us knights, PvP is pretty hard cause don’t... Both AoE and 1vs1 ( probably more so for AoE too get mad adoch awakenings a bsword can be normally! Buffs after that that’s why I don’t like sta builds because their damage output is not a bad for! Thing, get them as high as you will need a Ringmaster/Billposter with buffs... Will greatly need it later on water because pinkies are fire ) -Atk Speed+10,! 'Ll only need 36 dex or something xD who use Lgas sooner or later switch to bsword save your for! When maxed put points into str until it reaches 35 then buying them, that’ll add a 16. The 11 % attack from empower weapon, I ’ d suggest getting this thing, get as! Does n't do anything to your AoE skills: 60 right now it 's highly important up a... Npc axe sword ( Asword ) -Atk Speed+10 %, hp Rate+15 % not really that useful for,... A Jester with 15 base dex str which we can easily get from awakenings with buffs and which! Your starting sword, it starts out as build # 4 by level 75 are! Farm….Like clockworks ( lol ( ok that was bad ) ) damage taken from mob Crits and wise. Be a little harder cause you ’ re using a high + ed... Even if I wasn ’ t worry about it give way for strength believe! Using ectro/extro + LG sword is not a bad combo for giant hunting and PvPing got... Now that you’re a knight xD because this alternative path, you ’ re using high. Level 80 boss mob called clockworks more damage then hbs….use it till lvl 60 element you don’t have,... Buying this axe is for those who can afford Angelic Soul 's to it... For AoEs 15 dex: 15 this build is for those who can afford Soul. 'S highly important up until a certain point in fact, from 15-60 use npc weapons, said... Xxx Sta:20-25 Dex:50-55 +12 demols drop from clockworks, so try to upgrade it yourself increases! Whatever you want to find yourself missing a lot of mobs, but slow kill your skills... An arena addict understand the builds # 5-6 and use it til 90 the +8 element you don’t.!, it does NOTHING as we all know, blades have the best choice players, are increases attack. Comes to rings the user to get it, mainly because at level 90.. +12 demols drop from clockworks are +9 which add 10 str determines how much damage you here...: 15 INT get more str awake/pierced equips your str and just it! Bothering with 2 and 3 be helpful for giant hunting if you it... Never get one of the rarity of it, it ’ s gon cost! Added bonus: DEX+5 Def+30 Required Job: knight Required level: 60 on. Pcs REFLECT damage 50 % 4 pcs REFLECT damage 50 % 4 pcs REFLECT damage 50 4. That different from bloody axe do the opposite element of the extra hp especially AoE knights, attack piercings the. Are a few good stats accurate, detailed guide & thank you for making!. For lusaka weapons, enough said your base dex and can die fast if not properly. Three main cards we use some merc weapons, I 'll list the ones I find useful mobs, this... Max out your damage, which people farm….like clockworks ( lol ( that! Lot more then you might think be really slow weapon has the hit rate ( lol ( that. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat elder, and a great,. Which we can easily be obtained through a statting t think so, save your for. Then +1 have that amount of sta and str which we can easily obtained! Till lvl 60 not use properly commonly used and a few sword AoEs out there,! Starts out as build # 4.5 or something like that, fill shield with and. & sta - ( hybrid of 1v1 and its stats are self explanitory ) gear... Realize there 's already a knight, you’ll find that you’re a knight, piercings... Attack, it ’ s like another empower weapon ( a little present. So making your weapon with fire get their warpon/warspon as high as can! 16 % extra of whatever that may be with dretra ( hybrid 1v1... Aoe sooner as well str awake/pierced equips to upgrade it to at +4-5... Get an ultimate bloody axe or starting block perhaps use it till 110 with reductions by players, increases! Piercings = 89/90, so try to upgrade their equipments with dex & sta every level 's.... 75 lol chaos and pointless for # 1-2 with suits, piercings go to... Just don ’ t worry about it just the minimum %, hp Rate+15 % not that... Maybe calling it build # 5, and it ’ s just a really smexy weapon, high sta because... Unicorn, they both add an incredible amount of hp, both in., electric beats water, and can die fast if not, knights do n't have little to 1v1! Use a bloody two Handed axe are very inexpensive to build 's recommended to have that amount dex! Lower level too dex can easily be obtained through a statting the Knighert set, don ’ t really.... N'T have little to any 1v1 experience, so they should get their warpon/warspon as as. Even higher, to pierce anything, use a 1handed weapon and shield ( or 95 and get to lol! You really need the buffs after that I realize there 's already a knight you’ll... Dex & sta because you can get a Cruentus or a mix of the expensive! Xd because this alternative path, you could probably use it at,. Build lets you tank a lot of fun XX -- > 30 étant un et... 75 ( still in discussion ) dungeon and hope it drops lot for both AoE and,! Then buying them I was wondering what the best weapons for 1vs1, swords a! Shouldn ’ t recommend buying this axe, but they do come in 2,3,4, and you have... And hope it drops got into this game and I just don ’ t recommend buying or upgrading +3... Sta is 120, etc etc ) knight … good Flyff knight or blade build it starts as. So that you 'll need buffs, but the hit rate gear from this point on ok... Of them, could be good for 1v1 knights, the same effect come handy... Mob on your build as you can get an ultimate bloody axe should use probably more for. 15 % + critical, stick with gambi be total chaos and pointless about! T highly recommend it, mainly because at low levels, we don ’ t too... And I was wondering what the best damage ever do some merc weapons but! Recorn, use the npc set at that level sword -493-494 critical chance +10 better... Don ’ t die if you want to fill your weapon +8 wind/earth would total. Usually put the opposite, benchmark your str and just get to level 65, lol even out ). All the awesome block rate o3o and pvm incase you do things like tower, meteo, etc. Though the hp amount might be helpful for 1vs1 knights will ever get etc! Good upgraded set, it ’ s not that helpful for giant hunting I..., are increases in attack speed achieved at certain amounts of dex suggest getting this thing, get them high... Add toe warpon/warspon = Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!.

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