0. Next Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Murdering both targets without changing outfit Prev Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Murdering Yuki Yamazaki. Poison or fiber wire, it's up to you. SUPER SECRET GUYS, DON’T SAVE THIS IMAGE. My top maps are among Sapienza, Hokkaido, and Miami. You can distract one of them by turning off the spotlight.You can begin the mission in this location (pretending to be a corpse). 2. 26 – Monitoring equipmentYou can sabotage the monitoring from here without the risk of detection. Hokkaido is a real-life island in Japan. Bangkok Thailand. You can also distract one of the guards and obtain the bodyguard's disguise. Overcharging the defibrillator when it's being prepared by KAI will result in Erich Soders' death. While Hokkaido Snow Festival is set in Hokkaido, a HITMAN™ location, it was introduced in HITMAN™ 2. If a translation is incorrect, please submit a correction. 3 – BodyguardsYou can listen in on their conversation about Yuki Yamazaki's addiction (an opportunity to eliminate her). 22 – Yoga instructorThis is the default area where you can find the instructor (he may also go to the ground level garage). 4 – Cable carYou can meet with Yuki Yamazki her disguise as the director and kill her by throwing her over the balustrade.If you've alarmed the enemies then Yuki Yamazaki may attempt to escape in the cable car. Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and the largest and northernmost prefecture. Hokkaido Japan. It is, again, a compact map which is not large but filled with action. This topics are described in the further part of the guide. 16 – Open window and a pipeThe window leads to the toilet on the ground level.The pipe leads to an open window on the higher floor (room with the doctors). Sapienza Italy. You can also poison the pills. You'll rescue Smith and you will be allowed to collect a RFID master chip. You can also deliver a sniper rifle to this location. Things are big here. We obtain 38.5K Level Mastery, 14 challenges, 7 levels, and 3 Opportunities. Without disguise, you can visit hospital's most important locations on levels 0 and 1, such as the restaurant, the sauna or the garden. You can also eliminate here a staff member who was poisoned in the kitchen. You can kill Yuki Yamazaki when she shows up for a smoke (throwing her over the balustrade or shooting at her from the balcony of Jason Portman's apartment) or you can sabotage the gas lamp (wrench is required). Amos Dexter returns here regularly - you can eliminate him and take his disguise.Button used to call for help - you can summon the doctors and use this to eliminate one of them.Public patient journal - Amos Dexter. Summer is most popular for hiking, but don’t shun winter either if you are well-prepared (see the winter offerings here). In addition to that, the hospital is involved in illegal organ trade, buying for example organs from First World countries. Die in Hokkaidō geborenen Japaner nennen sich Dosanko (道産子, dt. Bei den Ainu heißt die Insel Aynu Mosir (アィヌモシㇼ für Land der Ainu bzw. You can begin your mission here. Appearances: 28 – Examination room in the morgueThere are 2 morgue doctors here. My favorite overall map is Hokkaido, so I am biased towards Hitman 1. You can use this disguise to complete one of the minor challenges. It is a unique disguise because, from obvious reasons, there is only one director on the map. You can sabotage the monitoring.KAI surgical system manual. 23. But this is optional because you can access other locations by being disguised as people that have the permission to access certain areas. And it has too many places for explore. Fedorov's body guard WILL NOT leave his post nor react in anyway to a distraction. Hitman - First run on the new Hokkaido map. During Situs Inversus, Soders is prepared in GAMA for his three day heart transplantation, while a lawyer of Providence, Yuki Yamazaki, visits the ho… submit a correction. GAMA is known to attend only the most exclusive patients, often with practices which aren't even authorized by the Japanese government. Like the part 2 new campaign, your ICA safe house has gone, there is a girl who lives in there. Bonus Episodes Italy / Morocco. This contract is unusual because Erich Soders, one of your targets, is on an operation theatre table. If I were to pick among 2016 maps, I'd go with Hokkaido. You can add it to his meal in the restaurant (M8,17) and eliminate him when he enters the toilet (M8,16). 19 – BallustradeYou can go over the ballustrade and reach the back entrance to the hospital (red 15 on the map). September 8, 2016, 12:39pm #3. 35. 25 – BridgeYuki Yamazaki stops here from time to time. Gunnar gele. Agent 47 must infiltrate a private clinic working (as default) undercover as a VIP patient - Tobias Rieper. Hokkaido is famous for its beautiful landscape, consisting of volcanos, mountains and forests. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hokkaidō zählte Ende 2005 etwa 5,7 Millionen Einwohner, darunter etwa 25.000 der indigenen Minderheit der Ainu. 23 – Hot spring spaThis area is open for patients. In-Game Information But, with the time, you will be able to understand the ways in which things here work and be able to use environment to get to your targets easier and kill them. Even though the target can't move, there are many ways in which you can eliminate him (most of them require you to sabotage various medical devices in the clinic). This situation improves with each new Hokkaido's Mastery Level. Your mission targets are Erich Soders and Yuki Yamazaki. 6 – Yuki Yamazaki's apartmentYou can enter it disguised as a bodyguard or reach it by using a ledge and starting in Jason Portman's apartment (blue 3 on the map).Place to leave the pack of cigarettes - Yuki Yamazaki will go to the balcony to smoke them.Katana. 30 – Operating roomErich Soders is being operated here. In her case, you do the usual stuff. They’re grand and endless. SHH DON’T RUIN IO’S SURPRISE - WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT’S HOKKAIDO YET ADFWEBHYAIQOSJUGHERUIWO. 1 – Emetic rat poisonThe poison is inside a locked cabinet in the bathroom - a crowbar is required (green 3 on the map).There are coins in the cabinet and you can also find a spare patient's disguise and scissors in the bathroom. (Though that isn't always the case (Hokkaido)) Manueverability can be difficult, but separating a target for an elimination is typically easiest here. to some of its parts. Prologue ICA Facility. 11 – Neurochip remote controlEnter the room using a door or through a window. 1 Background 2 Appearances 2.1 HITMAN™ 2.2 HITMAN™ 2 3 Trivia Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and the largest and northernmost prefecture. A yoga instructor also shows up here.One of the Agency pickups is located here. Deliver the cigarettes to her apartment (red 6 on the map) or to her private booth in the restaurant (red 18 on the map). 7 Likes. 2 – WrenchThe wrench is inside a locked cabinet in the corridor - a crowbar is required (green 3 on the map). 12 – Pill stashYou can lead the chief surgeon (red 15 on the map) here while dressed as a pilot in order to give him the pills. The main entrances are guarded by bodyguards and they only let the surgeons through. 3 – Jason Portman's apartmentYou can enter it using the doctor's disguise or reach it by using a ledge and starting in Yuki Yamazaki's apartment. Next Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Gama hospital exploration Prev Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Disguises. 21 – Area for performing yogaYou can complete a yoga lesson here with Yuki Yamazaki while dressed as the instructor. 7 – Motorcyclist disguiseRemove the clothes from the corpse in the morgue. Non-lethal Melee; Bust; Cowboy Bust; Crowbar; Fire Poker; Hammer; Lead Pipe Hitman Interactive Maps. Murdering Yuki Yamazaki | Hokkaido Hitman Guide. Hokkaido Challenges. Hitman Interactive Maps - Marrakesh, Morocco. You can use them while planning the murder of Yuki Yamazaki. Erich Soders is the second person that has to be assassinated in "Situs Inversus". Visit the hyper-exclusive Gama medical facility situated on a snow-capped mountain peak. 10 – Fugu fishYou can use the kitchen knife on it (there's one in the kitchen) and obtain the fugu poison. 17 – Mountain pathYou can begin and end your mission here. 5 – Botulinum toxinThe toxin is inside a locked cabinet in the bathroom - a crowbar is required (green 3 on the map). The option to choose your equipment is only available at Hokkaido's Mastery Level 20. You can also sabotage a gas cannister. The other maps are all varying shades of good to great, excluding Bangkok of course. The mountain in the backround of the map being based off of Mount Eniwa. 7 – Erich Soders' Kill ListYou can upload it to a computer in one of the operating rooms (red 33 on the map) and make the chief surgeon take a look at it.Water bottleYou can insert the poison here. Gama hospital pamphlet. Travel to Hokkaido, Japan for the thrilling conclusion to the first season of HITMAN. 31 – Stem cells control roomYou can get here from the operating room or from the morgue. Other people won't be let in or they will be frisked. Hokkaido 38 – Research department roomPack of cigarettes - it's inside a locked cabinet and it requires a crowbar (green 3 on the map). < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . Difficulty level: This mission puts an emphasis on getting accustomed to the terrain. 36 – KAI mainframe roomYou can sabotage KAI and allow yourself to murder Erich Soders using one of the other control panels (red 32 and 35 on the map). 28. Sapienza has the most maps for bounus missions. Yuki Yamazaki walks around the clinic. Yuki is accompanied by two bodyguards but in certain moments they can be separated (i.e. Post Comment . You can use the ledge to reach the balcony of an adjacent apartemnt (Amos Dexter's).Public patient journal - Tobias Rieper. 32 – Life support roomYou can turn off the respirator. That being said, when this map is good, it’s fantastic. You may attack him, wear his disguise and meet with Yuki Yamazaki while posing as the instructor. Hokkaido – Situs Inversus (Hitman) While we were disappointed with the penultimate episode of Hitman, we fell in love with the finale. 9 – Path at the back of the hospitalYou can encounter a resort security member and a handyman here (he's carrying a pack of cigarettes). You can use this gadget to open any locked door or to free a person in the morgue (red 27 on the map).KAI surgical system manual. Capes and coasts. 6 – Disposable scramblerThe device is inside a locked cabinet - a crowbar is required (green 3 on the map). 19 – Sushi preparation tableYou can prepare a poisoned meal for Yuki Yamazaki here while dressed as a chef.Kitchen knife, cleaver. Post Comment. The contract, called Situs Inversus, takes place in GAMA private hospital located in Hokkaido, Japan. Follow map updates and leave feedback on Reddit and Hitmanforum. Jason leaves the apartment at the beginning of the mission.Public patient journal - Jason Portman. Also disclaimer: I have 100% completion on all maps save for the resort, which did impact some of my initially positive or negative opinions on maps. So, where can I find other poisons (lethal) other than the fish? You can do it with style, using one of the available Opportunities, but this is not mandatory. Coins on the bed. 1 – Resort staff disguiseIt's where the staff member is taking a shower. If you get enough levels in this mission and unlock new starting points you can try to begin the mission in the kitchen disguised as chef (M8,4) or in the hospital's main building dressed as a surgeon (M8,34). Switching the stem cells (red 29 on the map) to poisoned ones will kill Erich Soders. Using the proper commands will result in Erich Soders' death. Below, you can find a list of the most important objects that you can collect during "Situs Inversus" mission in the game Hitman. 6 – Restaurant restroomOne of the Agency pickups is located here. 1 – Starting area - Agent 47's (Tobias Rieper) apartmentDefault place to start the mission. Hokkaido, Japan is definitely my favorite map out of all the maps in the hitman universe. Important items | Hokkaido Hitman Guide. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. A good example for that is Erich Soders' right-sided donor heart, which is from a young Brasilian homeless boy. 0. Land der Menschen). Valleys. 13 – GeneratorYou can sabotage it and eliminate a handyman who shows up here to obtain his disguise. Location: 4 – KitchenThere are 2 chefs here.You can poison one of the meals by the roller door and follow the poisoned person to the toilet to obtain their disguise.Kitchen knife.The food storage room is one of the available Agency pickups. 32 – GardenHospital workers and patients are allowed here. Hitman Interactive Maps - Hokkaido, Japan. 37 – Defibrillator power roomYou can sabotage the safety module and abort the procedure. Real-Life Information 5 – Canteen for the personnelYou can listen in on the conversation about Yuki Yamazaki's culinary preferences. Agent 47 must infiltrate a private clinic working (as default) undercover as a VIP patient - Tobias Rieper. 8. 23 – Cold water valveYou can turn the valve and make the patients leave the area where yoga lessons are being organized (red 21 on the map). With new Mastery Levels you can use Agency pickup containers and get one, selected by you, item. The beauty of the Hitman maps is their variety, and this map just doesn’t offer that. 14 – Helicopter landing padThe helicopter pilot is here and you can start following him to obtain his disguise.You can use the helicopter to escape after finishing the mission. Yuki goes around the various parts of the private hospital which means that you can eliminate her in private or by using various disguises or environment objects. The location seems to be possibly based off of the mountains around Lake Shikotsu on the Island of Hokkaido. This will allow you to kill her.Yoga schedule. Hokkaido is home to some of Japan’s most remote and rugged outdoor playgrounds. Here to complete the challenge you only need to assassinate Yuki Yamazaki with the sniper. 16 – ToiletYou can attack Jason Portman here to take over his identity.The hospital director will show up here after he'll eat the poisoned meal in the restaurant (red 17 on the map). 29 – Stem cell supplyYou can use one of the poisons on the stem cells. HITMAN™HITMAN™ 2. Dec 12, 2016 @ 9:24am Hokkaido 5 poisons? I can only bring two with me, so thats three. If you have the opportunity then on this mission you should take the Disposable Scrambler that allows you to bypass many security doors in the hospital (warning - this device can be only used three times!). You can also choose to deliver a sniper rifle to this location (there is an Agency pickup container). Its capital and largest city is Sapporo. Its capital and largest city is Sapporo. This is a lethal poison. First, you should check out the map above and read the next page of this guide, especially the one with the information about disguises and the hospital exploration rules. 35 – Secondary control roomYou can use the console to murder Erich Soders, but only if the KAI artificial intelligence was sabotaged (red 36 on the map). I … To make it more elaborate, here is my overall rating for every map: S1. View interactive maps for all locations in HITMAN™ Translations are maintained and updated by the HITMAPS™️ community. 7 – Game roomYou can use a screwdriver to sabotage the extension cord and then increase the difficulty level of the video game. This is the Hitman Episode 6 Hokkaido Sniper assassin, suit only challenge. It's best to use this poison to prepare a poisoned sushi for Yuki Yamazaki in the restaurant (red 19 on the map). Hitman Episode 6 - Hokkaido: Die erste Staffel ist jetzt komplett - Test. 9 – Emetic rat poisonIt's hidden in the corner. 33 – ToiletYou can eliminate a doctor here after he drinks the poison.One of the Agency pickups is located here. Non-lethal Melee; Brick; Crowbar; Hammer; Pool Ball; Toy Tank; Soda Can; Wrench You can punch a hole in the barrel prior to that (screwdriver is required) so that she'll die in flames. 33 – ComputerYou can upload Erich Soders' kill list (red 7 on the map) to the computer and wait for the chief surgeon to see it. 13 – Sniping pointYou can shoot Yuki Yamazaki from here when she appears on the bridge in the garden (red 25 on the map). 18 – Fuse boxSabotaging the box will result in a chef appearing here. You can chase off the guests and then trap Yuki Yamazaki in the hot sauna to kill her. DrowNby47 September 8, 2016, 12:45pm #5. 49. You can use this opportunity to kill her with a sniper rifle (red 13 on the map). During your first time exploring the hospital you can be overwhelmed by the complexity of this location and the necessity of getting special access codes etc. However, the most useful disguises (bodyguard and hospital director) must be acquired by the player but, fortunately, this is not a difficult task (details can be found in the section dedicated to disguises). Everything "goes back to normal" after reaching the maximum level 20. This state-of-the-art hospital is a fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Square-Enix / Eidos or Io-Interactive. HITMAN™ > General Discussions > Topic Details. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. 28 – Organ storageThere's a heart here intended for Erich Soders and it's guarded by 2 bodyguards. 10 – GarageA handyman is working on a snowmobile here and you can eliminate him to obtain his disguise. 26 – Research assistant's notesYou can find out about the Curator's neurochip (first step of the Opportutnity tied to killing Erich Soders). 8 – Balcony of Yuki Yamazaki's apartmentIt's guarded by 2 bodyguards. The music, the location way up on the mountain, the hot spring, the relaxing vibe, it truly is a Zen experience playing this map. Colorado USA. 11 – Passageway to the morgueYou can sneak past the resort security member and the doctor.There's a fireaxe in the corridor. The contract, called Situs Inversus, takes place in GAMA private hospital located in Hokkaido, Japan. 17 – SnacksYou can add poison to the snacks and as a result you'll poison the hospital director. Hitman Hokkaido Challenges. 2 – Amos Dexter's apartmentYou can enter it using the doctor's disguise or reach it by using a ledge and starting in Agent 47's apartment. 21 – Corridor guarded by security membersDoctors, hospital directors and bodyguards are allowed. Erich Soders will die only if the KAI artificial intelligence was sabotaged (red 36 on the map). Yuki Yamazaki is one of two people that have to be eliminated in "Situs Inversus". https://hitman.fandom.com/wiki/Hokkaido?oldid=84412, Hokkaido is currently the only location introduced in the World of Assassination trilogy to ever receive a new mission outside of the game it originally released in, that being. In this situation you must make the cable car fall into the abyss before she leaves the mission area (you have 45 seconds for that). You can get rid of them with the help of the Curator or by lowering the temperature in the room (wrench required) dressed as the morgue doctor. 24 – Corridor to the main hospitalIt has glass walls and you must watch out for the handymen if you're not using a disguise. 2 – Pack of cigarettesYou can use them while planning the murder of Yuki Yamazaki. It's the series finale and we're in Hokkaido with some Absolution callbacks! when she wants to smoke a cigar, meet with the director or relax in sauna). You'll obtain the lethal stem cell container and you'll be able to use it to kill Erich Soders (red 31 on the map). Plains. In "Situs Inversus" mission your task it to assassinate two targets. Watch out for the sleeping guard. Haven might make it there too but I haven't played it enough. Sadly, you can't prepare yourself in any way for this mission because of the security measures in the entire hospital. Your second target is Yuki Yamazaki. You can get here by using the door in the surgery control room (blue 34 on the map) or the door in the stem cells control room (red 31 on the map). This makes Hokkaido Snow Festival the only mission in the World of Assasination trilogy that was made for a location that was released in a previous game. Sublocations: For information on how to do it check out the page dedicated to the ways to eliminate Yuki. 27 – MorgueCurator is here - you can use the remote (red 11 on the map) on his neurochip.You can use the nondescript keycard (green 9 on the map) or the disposale scrambler (green 6 on the map) to open one of the refrigerators. It'll help you in murdering Erich Soders. Marrakesh Morocco. Next Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Murdering Erich Soders Prev Hokkaido: Situs Inversus Gama hospital exploration. It is unique in that lockpicks/keys are not really needed as your access is tied to your disguise which makes finding a proper one more important part of the gameplay. 39 – Rehabilitation roomYou can easily attack a surgeon here if you've taken over the identity of Jason Portman.If Jason Portman got to the main building on his own he will be travelling between rooms on this floor. Hitman maps can be broadly separated into several categories. 8 – Staff quartersThere's no one here. 22 – RestaurantThis area is open for patients. 12 – SnowmobileYou can use it to escape after finishing the mission. 30 – Stairs to the room with the stem cells, 31 – Intensive care supervision roomYou can insert the poison into the glass and eliminate the doctor after he goes to the toilet.Confidential patient journal - Jason PortmanConfidential patient journal - Tobias RieperConfidential patient journal - Amos Dexter. 3 – CrowbarYou can use it to open locked cabinets in various parts of the map. 20 – BarrelYuki Yamazaki will go here to have a smoke after she finds a pack in the restaurant (red 18 on the map). DrowNby47 September 8, 2016, 12:43pm #4:DDDDDDD 20fuckenchars. ICA Training Facility: 8/10 (for its small size, it is still a really nice and playful map) Paris: 9/10 (just an overall fantastic map that goes along beautifully with the Hitman theme) Mountains. (Mumbai is ranked so high for example because while it is not the greatest looking map, it's just so vast, with so much to do and see) GAMA Private Hospital Hitman! HHCHunter. If you plan on using the sniper rifle then you should choose the mountain path (M8,17). Although he is defenceless, his operating theatre is very well guarded which means that getting to the hospital's main area will not be an easy task. 0. This means that you start the contract with empty inventory and all objects, that can be used as a weapon or that allow to get the access to new locations in the hospital must be acquired during your exploration. Going around the private hospital is very troublesome because of security measures and the AI that oversees this building. Bereits i… 15 – Landing pad side entranceIt's guarded by bodyguards - they may decide to frisk you if you're playing as a pilot or surgeon.You can meet with the chief surgeon when dressed as a pilot and lead him to the pill stash (red 12 on the map).You can reach the entrance by using the ledge in the garden (blue 19 on the map). The map above represents the area of Hitman's sixth main episode (the last one of the first season). The handyman will die while trying to beat the record. You can use the remote on one of the doctors (The Curator) in the morgue (red 27 on the map). This will make it easier to kill Yuki Yamazaki while dressed as the yoga instructor. i love Hokkaido don't get me wrong, aesthetics and atmosphere wise it's easily my favorite (would live here), the only reason why it's not higher is because i feel it's a little tight and claustrophobic compared to some of the other maps. You can attack him and take his disguise.A pipe allowing to reach the upper level of the garden. Official Website Discuss on Reddit Discuss on Forums. From the beginning of the mission, Erich Soders can be found laying on the operation table in the hospital's main building (M8,30) waiting for his operation. 9 – Director officeBaseball uniform disguise, baseball bat - you can use them to complete one of the minor challenges.Nondescript keycard - you can use the keycard to free a person in the morgue (red 27 on the map). This person walks in different parts of the map and the best way to eliminate the director is to use the poison. Warning - If you case an alarm, Yuki can be evacuated to the main hospital building or (in the extreme case) can escape by using a cable car (M8,4). 34 – Surgery control roomYou can begin the mission here dressed as a surgeon.Confidential patient journal - Erich Soders. The island is also home to many hot springs which attract lots of tourists every year. Siv. 14 – Side entranceYou can use it to easily reach the morgue and the upper floors of the main building of the hospital.You can climb the wall here while dressed as a ninja to get to the hospital roof (minor challenge). Murdering Erich Soders | Hokkaido Hitman Guide. HIT Magazine PDF. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The map above represents the area of Hitman's sixth main episode (the last one of the first season). You can subdue her and get close to the red target. You can shoot it down to kill her.The cable car is one of the available exits in this mission. How to make dat spoiler … You can begin the mission here dressed as the resort staff. The Colorado map on Hitman 1 is definitely the worst of a brilliant bunch. 25 – ButtonIt turns off the lights on the bridge in the garden. After that, on the mission you can take the standard equipment with you even if you decide to start the contract without any extra disguises (you start as VIP Tobias Rieper). The Puzzlebox: usually contained into one building, the puzzlebox maps are tight concise, and have a logical flow through them. Among the places that she visits are: her apartment (M8,6), the spa (M8,23), the sauna (M8,24), the garden (M8,32) and the restaurant (M8,22). The neurochip remote is in one of the sleeping quarters (red 11 on the map). If it wasn't lethal then Yuki will go to the toilet. Post Comment . Paris France. This will allow you to destroy the heart and kill Soders. By default, you can't take any of Agent 47's equipment. The map is huge, but I feel like the things you can do in that space aren’t quite as intricate as some of the other levels. This Contract has a large number of challenges which we list below for your review. Yuki Yamazaki and the hospital director appear here regularly.You can begin the mission here dressed as a handyman. There's also one of the Agency pickups in the wardrobe room. You can begin your mission here. 18 – Yuki Yamazaki's private boothYou can enter this area dressed as the hospital director (mandatory frisk) or after distracting the bodyguard.Leaving a pack of cigarettes here will convince Yuki Yamazaki to go to the garden to have a smoke (red 20 on the map). This mission's default starting point is the apartment of Agent 47 (Tobias Rieper) (M8,1). etwa In Hokkaidō geborenes Kind). 27 – CrematoriumYou can drop bodies in the furnace and turn them on to get rid of evidence. Hokkaido is famous for its beautiful landscape, consisting of volcanos, mountains and forests. Japan, Asia 20 – Monitoring roomThere are 2 resort security members here. Deliver the cigarettes to her apartment (red 6 on the map) or to her private booth in the restaurant (red 18 on the map).You can use poison and eliminate the doctor in a quieter place to get his disguise. Hokkaidō ist die Heimat des Volkes der Ainu, aus deren Sprache viele geografische Bezeichnungen auf der Insel, zum Beispiel auch der Name der Hauptstadt Sapporo, stammen.

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