Put the phone down!⁠ Texting is one of the leading causes of automobile wrecks, and the problem is only getting worse with the greater use of smart phones for almost everything. No cell phone use is worth a serious injury to yourself or others. Whatever it is, it can wait!⁠

Accidents are tremendously scary for all parties involved. If you need ANY type of consultation, or want to make sure you are taking the correct steps, just call us at Dohan Law! We are by your side to guide you through the entire process.⁠

A proven track record of success is what continues to drive Dohan Law forward!⁠ We take the steps necessary to make sure that the insurance companies are forced to pay the maximum value for each case.⁠

We love testimonials. We take pride in making our clients know we have their best interests at heart.⁠ It was our pleasure serving you, Frank!⁠


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