We provide the utmost caring, invested and dependable representation possible.

At Dohan Law, in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida, we represent people who have suffered injuries due to the fault of others and those who have claims against their insurance companies for any type of loss.

  • We care about your case as much as our Clients.  We treat each case as special and personal.  We obsess over getting our Clients the justice they deserve and work tirelessly for results.
  • We pay all of the costs, and only recover fees when our Client recovers, so we have a vested interest in the case.
  • Our team is committed and detail-oriented.  We will always be here for our Clients and pride ourselves on personal service.
  • Russell Dohan is a Florida and National Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney specializing in injury and insurance law. All of our injury and insurance cases are handled in house and will not be referred out.

Why Hire Dohan Law?


The most important reason for any client to hire a lawyer is results. At Dohan Law, we get excellent results for our clients, large and small. Our goal in every case is to leave no money on the table. We take the steps necessary to make sure that the insurance companies are forced to pay the maximum value for each case. The insurance companies know that if they decide not to pay the full value of the claim without trial, the attorneys at Dohan Law are ready, willing, and able to try the case and have a jury decide what is fair.


The attorneys at Dohan Law are not fresh out of law school nor new to personal injury and insurance law. Russell and Hernando both started their careers representing insurance companies. By doing so, they learned the ins and outs of the ways insurance companies operate. For more than 20 years, they have put this experience to work by representing people making claims against insurance companies and corporations.


At Dohan Law, we represent our clients ethically and responsibly. Our philosophy is to work with the other side to obtain the results our clients expect and need in as quick a manner as possible. We are not pit bull lawyers—we do not fight unless we need to fight. We feel that representing clients in that fashion is not productive to obtain the best results. By representing clients in the way we do, we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy firm. When we take on a case, the insurance companies and corporations know that the client is deserving of full and fair compensation.